♥ If you are still SNSD the next life ♥
♥ I will still be S♡NE! ♥
♥ Support you forever ♥
♥ I want to dream with you forever! ♥
♥ 309 418 515 801 922 125 210 530 628 ♥
♥ Right now, From now, Forever ♥

SNSD’s cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You during 2nd Japan tour

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Tae stealing a glance at Sica :)


Tae stealing a glance at Sica :)

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TaeNy’s first reaction when they see a camera

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and this ladies and gentlemen.. is why she is the sexiest member

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SNSD’s reaction to the fan rejecting Jessica’s hug

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some things never change… yuri will always suck at throwing flowers and taeyeon will always be there to witness her fail >.< 

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you deserve rounds of applause for all the hard work you have put in; for balancing both your musical and IGAB promotions at the same time. stay strong, ice princess! hwaiting! 

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